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1) What is G.R.O.W. and what does it stand for?

G.R.O.W. is a livelihood program to support the women of Project PEARLS. G.R.O.W. stands for Giving Resources and Opportunities to Women.
2) When did G.R.O.W. start and who are the people behind it?
G.R.O.W. started this July 2019 under the same team from Project PEARLS founded by Melissa Villa.  G.R.O.W. artisans are the women who makes our products. These women were originally from the slum Ulingan community in Tondo, Manila, who Project PEARLS been supporting since 2010 then were relocated to a government housing in Bocaue, Batia, Bulacan.
3) What does the G.R.O.W. logo represent? 

G.R.O.W. logo represents empowered women
4) What are G.R.O.W. products and what materials are used?
G.R.O.W. products are all handmade from upcycled scrap materials so there will be some charming imperfections here and there. The first lines of products are plant holder and fashion accessories using macrame techniques. Products names are inspired by our favorite words in Philippine language.  Every purchase creates economic & social empowerment for living in poverty.
5) Where can I find and buy G.R.O.W. products?
Our different store partners:
 Artesania - 910 Antonio Arnaiz, Makati 1223
 Kahilom - The HUB, 413 Escolta St., First United Bldg., Manila 1006
Make Space Today - 40 Malingap St., Quezon City 1100
Find us on Instagram at
6) What are G.R.O.W.'s other services? 
G.R.O.W. can partner with different corporations, collaborate with other brands and accept customized orders. Please email us at
G.R.O.W  also participates in events such as fairs and bazaars so make sure you check our updates here and on Instagram.
7) How can we get in touch with you?
Our phone number: 09175460217
Email address:
DM at Instagram: