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UGMA (means happiness in Bicolano) is a product collaboration of G.R.O.W. and Ruyág that aims to help and promote local handicrafts in small communities.


The macramé bag is handmade by the women of GROW using scrap fabrics while the abaca bucket is woven by the artisans/craftmen of Bicol. You may purchase up to 3 pcs. of extra macramé bag in every transaction of a complete set.


With your donation, you not only empower women but also provide 5 meals to the Project PEARLS hunger relief program and support local farmers & weavers in the province of Bicol. Additonal 2 meals will be donated for each extra macramé bag purchased.




Named after a local term in Bicol (Gubat, Sorsogon), which means "excitement," Ruyàg serves as a constant reminder to find joy amidst the challenging times.


Ruyàg is a direct manufacturer of handicrafts specializing in natural fibres endemic to Albay -- such as abaca, raffia and bancuan (seagrass).

Ruyàg community aims to create intentional, cruelty-free, organic products made by Bicolano hands.




UGMA Bucket Bag

  • Provides 5 meals to children or elderly in Project PEARLS communities (Tondo / Bulacan / Cavite). And additional 2 meals for each extra macramé bag purchased.

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