In response to the unique needs of women in marginalized communities, these women’s empowerment programs promote skills building, self-esteem, access to information and resources, and community action that position women as confident decision-makers and leaders in their homes and communities.

  • Skills Development

    To gain new knowledge and skills set which are necessary for their own development. These resources can also be their tool to generate their own income:

    • Micro Enterprise Development Training

    • Financial Literacy

    • Urban Gardening

    • Upcycling scrap materials

    • Handcrafting products

    • T-shirt, Bag, & Mug Printing

  • Empowerment & Support

    It is important for women to know their rights and potential. Through Empowerment and Support programs, women reclaim their hope, strength and place in the community:

    • Mentoring

    • Leadership Development

    • Personal Development Workshop

    • Gender and Development

    • Women's Rights

  • Health

    To ensure the program addresses physical and mental health needs, health resources include:

    • Family Planning Services

    • Medical, dental & vision screenings

    • Hygiene supplies education and access

    • Mental health counseling and referrals

    • Wellness and fitness groups

    • Women’s health education and nutrition