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The newest addition to our Women On A Mission series!


As we continue to support and empower women in our community, who are making our world better and kinder for all, let us also recognize all the girls who have dreams. Girls who have the potential to change the world – both as the empowered girls of today and as tomorrow’s workers, mothers, entrepreneurs, mentors, household heads, and political leaders.


With this, when you donate you will get one 'Women On A Mission' shirt, and one 'Girl With A Vision' shirt will be given to a Project PEARLS scholar, as we support their vision on reaching their dreams and fullest potential. You may also check out how to sponsor a scholar at Project PEARLS Scholarship Program.





What does magenta represent?

Magenta is the color of universal harmony and emotional balance. It contains the passion, power and energy of red, restrained by the introspection and quiet energy of violet.

It promotes compassion, kindness and cooperation. The color magenta is a color of cheerfulness, happiness, contentment and appreciation. 

WOAM T-shirt

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